It's All About Crumpet - Blog
02/06/13  I took Crumpet to Mandalay Beach about 60 miles north of LA today - it is remote and empty with not another person in sight. She chased birds , dug holes and ran like a wild pony. It was so good to see her that happy; This is what life is about. All the way home she snored like a buffalo.

02/01/13  Nine! Crumpet doesn't get up before 9.30 and then it takes 30 minutes for her massage and brush. And I am not kidding. I will get her to bed early tonight and do my best to be there at around 10. Can't wait to see you.

01/22/13  The house is being photographed for a magazine this week and Crumpet is in her element - she has never seen a camera she doesn't like but she is having trouble understanding that it is not about her this time. I won't let her appear in any of the shots as I don't want anyone being able to link the house to me through her; she is patiently waiting for the glamour shot and it is not going to the mean time, anything they drop on the floor is hers and she is off.... She has developed a 'habit' of wandering into the shot which I think is just hysterical but the crew are not impressed - they take themselves very seriously. She is just so smart and funny and you can see her thinking about what she can do next.

The magazine is Home Beautiful  -  or so I thought -  but the camera equipment has Architectural Digest on it and the photographer speaks very heavy Italian so I don't have the first clue where it will end up. It is all arranged by the designer and I am keeping out of it and pretending I don't care when in fact I am about to blow....At the beginning of the project - over a year ago - I promised her that they could do it thinking it would take a few hours....and I never ever break a promise. The house is full of hipster/fashionistas rearranging my things and styling the place and I am not at all happy. They are acting as if it is their house. They took my clothes out of the closet and put high fashion in there to make it look better - apparently my Target collection is not appropriate. LOL  It is like a scene from a bad movie! They take photos of just how it is, rearrange everything to the way they like it, photograph it and then put everything back exactly the way it was by referencing the first photos. There are people everywhere touching my stuff and this is about as bad as it can get for me as I am more private than Howard Hughes ever was. They are expected to be here until 10 or 11 tonight doing evening shots. They have these really bright lights outside shining in through the windows - I am sure the neighbors will think it is a crime scene. They are in the bedroom now and this is the time of night I prop up in bed with Crumpet and we watch Jeopardy and eat an apple together. Crump and I are locked in the office which they did yesterday and all we want to do is get into bed. Missie is over it all and is in the same mood I am in - she wants her house back - she has already stolen everything she was interested in......they use there large umbrella looking things that reflect bright lights that are in them - Crump was dragging a folded one down the hallway when she was spotted. I nearly cried I was laughing so much but the way they carried on you would think she had the Mona Lisa in her mouth. Oh well, live and learn. Talk about no good deed going unpunished!

01/15/13  I think Crump would love it at your house  - she is a social animal and if she had thumbs I know she would be mixing the cocktails. She is off to school tomorrow to play with all her pals - she will take her lunch as she will be there over lunch (yes, she has a lunch box...) She really enjoys being with the other dogs very much and she is without a doubt the life of the party. When I drop her off I swear I can hear the older dogs who like to sleep saying "Not her again!".  I loved that video of Ruffy with her puppies as I could see how she was very much in command and keeping an eye on things from a distance. Don't you love seeing the personalities of these dogs come out - they are like little people. I don't know what it is about Crump - I had her at the AT&T store today and people were flocking to her - everyone comments, without fail, what a happy dog she is. When I look at her I can't help but smile.

Please don't try to steal Crumpet back, I have grown fond of her.....

01/15/13  I am sure the cold spell we have is reaching you as well. Missie has to be dragged kicking and screaming out of bed in the morning when it is so cold. I hope your gang are coping better than their spoiled cousin.

She had a bath on Sunday and when she is wet she is beautiful - her head shape is so perfect it should be mounted on a board! She soon fluffs up again and is even more adorable. I have two dogs in one. I still look at her in awe and can not believe how beautiful she is. On Saturday we went to the Bel Air Hotel to see the swans; it was my old Dot's birthday and I always took her there on her birthday so I went back with Crump and had a drink to Dot - Crumpet was intrigued but not enough to jump in the pond and go after the swans. If it wasn't so cold I think she may have gone in but the girl does not do cold water. Even for her bath I have to make sure it is not too warm - she likes it just right. It is like bathing a new born baby! The place was swarming with stars for the Golden Globes but no one got more attention than Crumpet.

01/08/13  I like her without the killer instinct and could never let her have anything live. If she simply must kill something she can kill the pool vacuum hose. She really goes to town on that as if it is a snake. She has a ball that I load with kibble and she tosses that around to shake the kibble out and that is her fun. She loves it. She is a very gentle dog. She also loves to watch basketball on TV. I am certainly no sports fan but I subscribed to the cable sports line up so she can watch basketball - she can sit there for hours watching the ball. I am sure I could bring out the terrier kill instinct, much to the pleasure of the JRTCA horse and hound set but I like her the way she is - fashion models after all don't chase animals down and eat them alive! She is just so adorable I could eat her.

01/07/13  Crumpet is something else- she honestly makes me laugh just watching her walk around. She is developing her huntressing skills and is quite sure she is going to catch a rat. She has picked up a scent in the back yard of something and every time she goes out she is off on the hunt. Unless it comes on a china plate and with a side of steamed vegetables she won't know what to do with it. The only thing I have seen the girl kill is the vacuum hose for the pool. I took her into Target earlier today (she still goes everywhere with me as my service dog) and she drew a crowd of Japanese tourists who were shopping there. They absolutely adored her though one of them through the interpreter asked if she was a long haired Dachshund! I have to believe something got lost in the translation somewhere.

It tickles me pink to see her trot through stores as if she belongs - she behaves in all of them and it is most believable that she is a service dog. The only store she lets down her guard in is Petco and then all bets are off as she heads for the bin of pig's ears.

01/06/13  Crumpet has developed a love for the Jacuzzi - as long as it is me in it and not her. I fill my mouth with water and squirt it at her and she thinks it is just the best. She is very smart and notices when I turn it on - as soon as that is done she is all stations on full alert and she paces until it gets hot enough for me to get into.

01/02/13  had to drop Crumpet off at day care early this morning - before her normal massage and comb-out.  (In the morning she looks like a birch broom!) Every time she is there she gets a brief report on how she did. I wanted to share today's report card with you:

"Crumpet looked super cute this morning. Her scruffy look is very becoming and she was being extra cordial with Ziggy and Hef. What a sweet little girl!"

She is melting hearts all over town. She just had her lunch and the weather is finally sunny so we are off to chase seagulls.

12/30/12  Rose, Crumpets sister had 3 baby girls.. Oh good heavens! I can't imagine Crumpet having puppies. Rose looks so much like Crumpet except her hair on the face is shorter and probably stripped/trimmed. The puppies are absolutely beautiful. Rose is such a pretty little dog - but I will take Crumpet any day even though they are so similar. I hope Rose is a good mother. Aunt Crumpet brought shame to the Pakajak name last night; we had to go to a dinner party and I told them that I could not get a sitter for Crumpet so she would have to go too. I assured them that she would sit in a corner and be no trouble. Ha. Trouble - first thing she did was chase their 12 year old Springer Spaniel until she nearly killed it. She then fell into their fish pond and came running inside the house and ran everywhere trying to dry off. Her final act of civil disobedience was quietly pulling the lower decorations off the Christmas Tree one by one and taking them to their bathroom to hide them. It was almost as if they were puppies she was so careful with them. The little kleptomaniac just can not help herself. She was superb! I was far more impressed with her performance than the hosts and I think it will be a while before they extend another invitation.

12/26/12  Crumpet had a great Christmas; she received a huge gift basket from Three Dog Bakery on Monday evening. Being the little heathen that she is, as I was trying to get a photo of her with it she ripped the cellophane off and got to the goodies and toys immediately and didn't bother to wait for Christmas Day - or even read the card! Crumpet doesn't look as if she is even thinking of sharing. Last night I cooked duck breasts for dinner and true to form, missy sat in front of the oven guarding them as they cooked. She charmed me with her eyes and managed to get all the best parts to eat for herself. Being as starved as she is, she got into the dishwasher to lick the plates as well - it is her favorite trick to do; as I stack the dishes she stands on the open door and licks them. I am sure she is meaning to be of some help and is not thinking of herself.....

12/21/12  I was at the supermarket today with Crumpet obediently walking at my side as my 'service dog'. Someone came up to me and said she was the most beautiful and well behaved dog they had ever seen and thought she was far too pretty to be a service dog.  The checkers and other people there know her and make a fuss of her .  She is full of mischief but for some odd reason she knows when she has to behave and as soon as we walk through the door of the supermarket she stops being a unholy terror and acts like the best trained guide dog there is. She just makes me laugh she is so smart; I look down at her as we walk around the supermarket and inside I am crying with laughter and bursting my buttons with pride as she is so good and just knows what to do. Her head is held high and she trots around like she belongs. She was 18 months old yesterday.

12/21/12  It is cold and windy here - Crumpet loves it as the sounds give her a reason to bark and make out that she is protecting me. The girl sounds as if she has smoked six packs of unfiltered Camel's every day of her life - she has the throatiest bark for such a small dog. Her little feet patter away at double time as she trots around the house looking for trouble - all the time being ready to flee at the first sign of danger. She is so funny. Her latest trick is to wake me at 2.30 to go outside and then to play hide and seek while I freeze...I swear she is smiling when I eventually catch her.

12/15/12  Crumpet's favorite toy is empty plastic water bottles. I drink 'Vitamin Water' and as soon as she sees me get a bottle out of the fridge she is on full alert. When I finish it I screw the top on extra tight and her job is to get the top off (she always does it), pull the label off and then play with the bottle - she loves the crackling sound. She does the same with plastic Perrier bottles as well. The Perrier bottles really crackle which drives me nuts but she loves it. When it comes to socks, Crump can be sound asleep but if I sit down to take my shoes off she seems to know and she runs over and as soon as the shoe is off she very gently grabs the sock making sure not to get my toes, and pulls and pulls until she has it off. It melts my heart when she does it as she is so careful not to bite my toes. The girl is as smart as a whip. Today on our walk a car pulled over and the driver said 'that dog should be in Cruft's'. She really is a beautiful looking girl and would have made an excellent mother. I often feel terrible about getting her as she would have been excellent for your breeding stock. I look at her in amazement at just how special she is. The poor thing - she doesn't know it yet but she is getting a bath tonight and she absolutely hates getting wet. She sticks to me like glue and when she sees my hand even move toward the cupboard where her shampoo is she off like a rabbit. She is incredibly bright and never forgets a thing.

12/13/12  I have retired Crumpet from her fashion career. She was asked to do it again and I am not comfortable with it. It bothers me terribly when some dizzy model is holding her leash; They are thinking about the shot and not about Crumpet and I don't like it as it only takes a split second for something to go wrong. She has done it a few times and now it is time for her to move on. She will 18 months old next week - I can't believe it.
Earlier today we were in the bank and she spotted a stuffed toy reindeer decoration - she went in for the kill and shook the thing like it was a rat. She looks so innocent and fluffy but the woman is an assassin. I was laughing so much and thinking how funny it would have been had it been a nativity scene and she had grabbed baby Jesus... she is just the funniest little girl and so full of life even if she is lacking in social graces. The bank staff were good about it and gave the reindeer to her to take home. Just what I need, one more stuffed toy. I had to give up on buying squeaker toys as no matter how strong they are she can get the squeaker out. Now I have a red laser light and I sit outside and shine the little red dot and she chases it all over. It drives her nuts but it wears her out. She is a real rocket when it comes to chasing something.

12/10/12  I made lunch and sat down to eat it when the phone rang. I got up to answer it and Miss Crumpet flew from the floor to the chair and onto the table and got my chicken leg - she is becoming a circus dog/thief. She was as proud as anything for sitting up there on the table. She looked as innocent as a lamb.

12/10/12  Crump is getting sweeter and sweeter every day and I can see her transitioning into a woman and not a puppy any longer. I could squeeze her to death. She is coming into her own and is testing me a little but that is OK - she is so beautiful and loving she can do no wrong. I don't think she would do well in a show ring! She has become an excellent guard dog and gets her croaky old bark going if she hears anything that doesn't seem quite right - it is so funny as she is so tiny and her growl is so croaky; Off she storms with her little legs going at double time and her nails clicking on the floor with a determination to get things sorted out. As the weather gets colder she snuggles under the covers until she gets too hot and then goes on top. She repeats this cycle all night. We still have our 7pm ritual of sharing an apple every night....I swear the girl can tell the time. She absolutely loves this ritual and I can see how happy it makes her. They love knowing what is happening and that everything is on schedule. She still goes in her bag in the car and when I go to leave the house I put the open bag on the floor near the door and she is supposed to jump into it. She likes to turn it into a game and will run around. All I say is "I am leaving the house and if you don't get in your bag I will have to leave you home and I hope the house doesn't burn down while I am gone!" It is her little game and she scoots into the bag head first, turns around and waits for me to zip it up.

11/29/12  They need so much encouragement and support and not a heavy hand when it comes to it. I know some people get upset and think it takes too long but it really doesn't. Crumpet was a natural and now when she needs to go outside she sits quietly at the back door. The girl has angel wings under all that hair. It is raining here and you would think she has to go out in snow drifts. Her big old head peeps out the door, she sees it is raining and she bolts back to bed.
For some odd reason she wakes up at around 2.30 and decides she needs a love. She climbs up onto my chest, licks may face until it nearly falls off and squeals like a little pig. After five minutes of that she goes back to sleep......if only I could. She is the funniest little thing. She used to do when she was small as a sign she needed to go out but I think now she just does it out of habit.

11/20/12  I friend came by yesterday with her new baby (human) and Crumpet went insane - she is like Copper in that she loves babies.

11/15/12   Little Crumpet is getting her teeth cleaned tomorrow. I am taking her to an anesthesia free dentist and hopefully she will be just fine and get used to it so when she goes back again when she is older she will not resist. Her teeth are not bad but for a little plague on her molars but I thought it better to get her used to it while she is young and the plague is not that heavy. It will be a very quick and easy cleaning and I want it to be as good as an experience as it possibly can be the first time. The dentist is apparently a dog whisperer and is very good but we shall see..... Crumpet is her own woman. I will be there and will not take my eyes of her. I massage her gums every night so she is used to having fingers in her mouth but she may be different with a stranger

11/03/12  Crumpet has been sitting up on  my desk all day watching the video you sent. She loves watching animals on TV so this is really something for her. I think she remembers your voice as she really pricks up when she hears you call  'puppies'. She loves the close up of Ruffy but she doesn't recognize her as her mother - just as a dog. There is a commercial on TV for dog food and it starts out with a Labrador which morphs into a wolf. As the Lab she loves it but as soon as the wolf is shown she gets very defensive. I assume she senses danger naturally.

11/02/12  Crumpet was working again today for the French fashion magazine. The last shoot she did in April was released in France in September and apparently she was the star of the campaign. They flew out here to do another fashion spread and they pleaded to use her as she was so well received in the last spread. Everyone is French, it was an outside location in Beverly Hills and was high fashion so it was quite the production and little Crumpet was by far the star of the show. The make-up person wanted to put some hair spray on Crumpet's bangs but I would not let her. She doesn't wear make-up or do nudity or lingerie!

They said they will send me some shots of today's work in the next day or so and when I get them I will forward them on to you. It was quite odd really as I never see her from a distance given she is always at my side - from a distance and with the model she looked absolutely breathtaking - I just couldn't believe she was mine; I was smiling like a proud parent the whole time. Cars were stopping to look at her. (maybe at the model and all the commotion too but I like to think it was just Crump)

Crumpet is sound asleep - it was all very exciting for her. When she finished the last photo all the crew applauded her just like you see in the movies - she then ran and jumped up into my arms and they applauded even more. She truly is something and I am sure she knew what was happening. They want to use her in late November for another campaign but I am not sure. I think she has done enough and I honestly worry too much when anyone else other than me is holding her leash no matter how careful they are.

10/29/12  The people are here hanging the art today so this means lots of things for Miss Klepto to steal - she is in 7th Heaven. She was last seen headed off with a set of pliers with a very irate Scotsman chasing her. I think it is fantastic!

10/22/12  I took Crumpet to an large outdoor art fair yesterday. She behaved perfectly in the huge crowd and was the main attraction. I don't know why but she just knows instinctively how to to behave in public. She is incredibly bright. She is such a pleasure as she likes other dogs and never snarls at them - or at people. With my last girls it would have been hell. She is so laid back and always happy. She is not very athletic but she will jump up into my lap when I want to carry her - she only gets a foot off the ground so I have to crouch but she tries! She is such a great little pal. I am forever amazed at how smart she is and she just 'get it'.

10/14/12  Yeah - little Miss Klepto is something. I don't know where she gets it but she is so funny and I swear she smiles when she does these things. When she is quiet she is up to no good! She has never chewed the furniture or done any damage. Yesterday someone approached me and said the could not believe how much my little dog loves me. She had been watching us and was just astounded by how much Crumpet responds to me. She has never yelped or cried in pain or fear once. I have (and will never) hit her, she has never been attacked by another dog and she is just so happy and doesn't know bad things. When I take her places that dogs are not allowed (as my service animal) she is perfectly behaved and just knows to sit still. She just knows. She will have the perfect life. The day I picked her up I was scared stiff as I wasn't sure I would know how to raise her or if she would like me. After losing Cricket I was just not sure about anything. Crumpet has been  the best little pal from day one and is the perfect dog.

10/12/12  They finished the construction this week and while cleaning up they found another stash of Crumpet's loot; 1 voltage meter, 3 screwdrivers, 1 pair of gloves, 1 electric screwdriver, 1 lamp that ties to your head and a whole lot of screws and bits and pieces. I laughed until I almost cried. The girl is just too much

10/08/12  Crumpet just gets better every day. She loves all other dogs and is becoming very attached to me. When I go to pick her up from day care she sees me and runs to the door. She is the happiest dog I have ever known and is very well behaved but not in a robotic way - she is full of life but just knows how to behave. She is exceptionally bright.

The serious construction work is done at the house now so she no longer has crews to terrorize or steal from. She did manage to leave a trail of footprints of wet paint over the new floors in the dining room. I swear I could see her smile as she did it. I could squeeze her until her eyes pop out she is just so darned cute.
What on earth will you do when all the puppies leave - the house will be so quiet - comparatively.

09/26/12  I am sorry for bothering you but this Crumpet is just too funny to be real. I just took these photos a minute ago - she scoped things out, made sure the guy was not looking and then moved in for the kill. She got that roll of blue tape.

09/25/12  Crump had her DHPP and Bordatella boosters today. She was fine and didn't even flinch though when I got her home she got some shredded Cheddar cheese sprinkled on her dinner to make her feel better......the girl knows how to work me. The DHPP will be done again in three years as the vet is reducing the frequency of that booster to keep in line with UC Davis recommendations. She gets her rabies booster on October 20.

She is still stealing everything she can get her paws on. I was in a baby boutique yesterday getting a gift for a friend who is having a baby - Crump grabbed a plush toy right off the shelf....she seems to think that all toys are for her. I had to buy it but it is not JR proof  and is now just a rag. I have about three weeks left with the contractors in the house and then she will be lost as to what to do. There is a stash of rolls of blue masking tape and paper boot covers under the dresser in the bedroom. She doesn't know that I know her hiding place.  Miss Klepto was in the construction area trying to figure out how to steal the contractor's compressor......if I hadn't caught her I am sure she would have figured out a way. The girl is just too cute - I think I will keep her! Thanks again Connie for this precious little girl.

09/22/12  Crumpet's latest trick is to jump up so that I can carry her - she only gets about knee high so I need to bend to down but she gives it her best shot. She is not a jumper.

09/13/12  My little Crumpet is becoming the most loving little dog. She is really coming into her own and is truly someone special. She is at day care now having some fun but she is starting to look at me now when I leave her - she loves me terribly much and is torn as to whether she wants to stay and annoy the others or be with me.... She has her routines which she likes - it makes her feel part and involved. Every night we still eat our apple together - as soon as I get it from the bowl she trots off to bed where we eat it while watching TV. I still speak to her in French and she is really getting it. The girl is brilliant. She is also getting a little naught which I like but is easily controlled with Charlee Bear liver treats - first sign of them and she does whatever I ask of her. She is also getting used to me cutting her nails and she resigns herself to bath time now. She just wants to please me so much. I love her so much. I will get a photo of her when she first wakes up - her hair is all over the place like Phyllis Diller and it makes me laugh every single morning - the best way to start the day.

09/09/12  I was repairing a sprinkler valve and had a bag of parts on the ground next to me. I could see out of the corner of my eye Crumpet creeping up (like a ninja). She grabbed the bag and then slowly tip-toed backwards with it and when she was at a safe distance she took off like a rabbit. She was very proud of her theft.
Oh yeah - I have to chase her as that is part of it all. She holds her head up high and off she trots just as proud as punch of herself. Your dogs have the best sense of humor.

09/02/12  If Crump could talk she would be on the phone all day long ordering room service. She is a very happy dog - everyone me meet always say 1: how beautiful she is -  and then immediately afterwards 2: how happy she is. Her only flaw is when she gets excited she pees. We are off for a sail today to escape the heat.

09/01/12  The house is still being remodeled (phase 2) so it was off to a hotel for a few days as I don't want her exposed to any fumes - Crumpet loves room service! She is an incredibly smart dog and gets everything very quickly. We were on the 24th floor and if she needed to pee she would sit by the door. I would take her down, she pee'd immediately and then would bolt back to the elevators - she knew the hotel like the back of her paw and acted as if she had lived there her entire life. The girl is brilliant AND beautiful.

08/19/12  If you can believe it, it has been a year since I picked up Crumpet from you. She took to her new life like a duck to water. Speaking of water - she has recently started washing her toys in her water bowl. I am not sure what that is about but she thinks it is Christmas to take her toys one by one and toss them into her water bowl and then drag them through the house soaking wet.

Now that she is one she is becoming a little naughty and has so much fun playing pranks. I just love it. Her favorite thing to do is to wake me up at 4am licking my face and squealing like a pig. Once I am wide awake she goes back to sleep - I am sure I can see a smile on her face!  I hope all is well - it is so hot here and she absolutely hates the heat. She all but climbs into the a/c vents in the car.

08/10/12  I think the doggie exercise ball is a great idea and I should get one for myself. It is hot here too ( not like there) and madam will not go outside for any longer than necessary. She would never have survived in Parker.  Crumpet could destroy that ball in thirty seconds. We go to Petco every other day to get new toys as she is brutal on them. She thinks her job is to get the squeaker out. She is so bright that I will say "go and get me your blue octopus" and sure enough she will come back with it. If I tell her to get her duck she gets that. I think she might be ready for Jeopardy... She is also learning French in anticipation of her European vacation. So far she knows cheese, water, chicken, apple, bed and duck - what more is there to know.

08/10/12  I am so excited about the babies - especially Ruffie's. Copper must be beside herself!

It is great news that you are becoming a conformation judge - they need some good judges out here. Crump loves to chase things - especially people who are running the other direction. She is very, very funny and has a mischievous streak in her. She is like a bullet and from behind, when she runs flat out she looks like a fat little rabbit. She loves chasing balls - absolutely goes crazy over it. During the Olympics she sits on the bed and watches the Volleyball in a trance - when the ball shoots out of bounds and off the screen she runs off to the side of the TV looking for it.  
On our morning walks she has become great friends with a Bull Mastiff named Sampson. She absolutely loves him.The girl loves every dog she meets but she is very funny to see with Sampson. She is extremely bright and has a memory like a steel trap - she remembers everyone and everything. We have a route we take and she has her special things she does - jumping over a small hedge, running up some steps, looking through a gate - she does it every day without prompting.

07/31/12  she dislikes water so much she doesn't even like to run on wet sand! She is exhausted from her trip - she was flat out all the time. I think she looks like Ruffie and at other times she looks like Harry. She is extremely sweet and got the attention of all the boaters over there. I was approached by someone I had never seen before and he said "Is that Crumpet?" - the girl has a reputation!
She liked watching the sea lions without exposing herself. She had no desire to be eaten - she is very bright - incredibly so.  I could never go on vacation without her as life does not get any better than being with a Jack ( a true Jack)

07/31/12  I took Crumpet on her first vacation on the boat - we went to Catalina for a week. She had the time of her life barking at sea lions, chasing the ball on the beach, hiking, exploring the new scents and sounds. The girl refuses to get wet and the only place she would not retrieve the ball is if it went into the water - even only up to her knees.. She was a little apprehensive at first with all the new sensations but once she got the routine she was a pro and had a blast. It was a huge thrill to have her there seeing her enjoy herself so much. She did exceptionally well for a young dog and her first time.

07/09/12  In the AKC magazine ( I just got mine on line this morning) this month the Russell Terrier is featured - finally the recognition these special little dogs deserve.

The problem with Crumpet's leg turned out to be an insect bite in the top of her inner thigh right and she is back to normal.

07/04/12  Crump is back! This morning she did her duty and tried to save me by attacking my towel when I got out of the shower, tried her best to kill the vacuum cleaner and was her normal zippy and happy self on her walk. I don't know if she just slept on her leg the wrong way or had a little splinter in her foot that came out when I soaked her in the tub but she is fine now. I think she quite liked the extra attention.
Anyway - she is fine and right now is ripping apart a large envelope she got out of my waste paper bin in the office. For some odd reason she will wake from a deep sleep when I toss paper in the waste bin, no matter how quietly I do it, and take it upon herself to shred it. She loves nothing better than when I open the mail as she knows it means envelopes to be destroyed. She sees this as her responsibility.

07/03/12  She is doing much better. I put her in the bath tub with warm water and massaged her leg and back. She isn't in pain but she is a little stiff. Her little tail wags and she used her back right leg to have a scratch so I think she is OK. I have her booked in for a triple appointment so they can go over her thoroughly if she isn't better by then. She didn't fall off anything but maybe she sprained it when she was chasing her toys - she is very serious about killing her squirrel! I worry so much about these little things - if they could only just talk. Don't lose any sleep - she is not anything near as bad as Meatball. Maybe it as an insect bite?

07/03/12  Crump is off her oats today - she is limping a little on her right rear leg and it is bothering her. She is slow and when she starts out she arches her back a little which indicates pain. Earlier she could could not push herself up the step with her back legs but she is doing better now. I can touch her everywhere on it from her toes to her hip and she doesn't flinch or cry. I tossed a ball and she took off after it but being a Jack she would not let a sore leg stop her. I have been massaging it and it seems to be doing better. She is eating OK and is walking on it but she is not her normal self and this bothers me terribly. There wasn't an incident I know of where she could have hurt it. I have an appointment with her Vet on Thursday morning if it doesn't get better. If it deteriorates I have his home number. I don't want her to be in any pain and she is such a stoic little thing I think she would attempt to hide it. 

06/03/12  I am so pleased you like her - she is an absolutely beautiful little girl. With her hair pulled back she looks like Ruffie. I love this little creature to pieces. She is smiling in the photo and that is how she always is; she is the happiest dog I have ever known and is as sharp as a tack. If there is is trouble to be had she will find it.  She loves to steal things. During the remodel the plumber lost a screw for the bathroom fixture and a new one was ordered from England - when it finally arrived he had it on the floor and Crumpet grabbed it - it was a race to catch her and she loved it! She holds her head up and off she runs as fast as she can playing hide and seek. I am feeling better now and have recovered completely. Taking Crumpet for her walk every morning, as hard as it was at times, worked miracles and sped up my recovery.

06/01/12  the remodel is finally done - living in the house while sick and during construction was hell. Attached is a photo of Crumpet taken yesterday in her new tub - seriously, it was installed just for her to take a bath and she loves it. As you can see, she is more beautiful than ever.

05/15/12  I have Nurse Betty taking care of me - she likes to lick my face and kiss me at 3am - I think it is to make sure I am alive. We still share an apple every night which is the very best part of the entire day.

04/28/12  came across a woman walking four gigantic Newfoundlands today. These dogs were the largest Newfies I have ever seen. (Crumpet was not the slightest bit intimidated) She had one and her houseman had the other three. She recognized Crumpet immediately as being a rough coat English Jack and was over the moon; she loved everything about her. She was just so taken with her. She spends a lot of time in England on horse farms so is very familiar with Jacks. (the real ones!). She said Crumpet was the best Jack she has ever seen and was really taken with her coloring.

As Crump gets older she is developing into the perfect dog - her little knobby knees, her ankles together and toes pointed out when she sits - I could not have designed her better if I tried.

I don't know if Ruffie or Copper do this, but when she is snuggling with me and is very happy she squeaks like a mouse.
She still reigns supreme at day care - when she turns up I can almost hear the other dogs say "Not her again!"
This girl is a true angel.

04/23/12  You won't believe this but Crumpet was 10 months old yesterday. Time is flying. I heated the pool to give her lessons and to teach her how to get out of the pool should she fall in. I am never not out there without her but it is always a good thing for her to know how to get out just in case I had a heart attack or something out there and she fell in. You just never know. She absolutely hates swimming and she is as buoyant as the Titanic. The girl has no aquatic genes at all. When she gets out she runs around flat out trying to dry off and she looks like a plucked chicken when she is wet; She is tiny and spotty with skinny little legs. She is very bright and she knows where the steps are already but I will keep at it to reinforce it.  She is just the best!

04/14/12  I am with you - if you want a dog to get sick take it to the vet. When Crump went for the first three times until she had all her shots I wiped down the table with wet wipes I carried. I know the vet sprayed the table well as he is fastidious about hygiene but I had to make sure. I did not let her out of the bag until she was on the table and the vet had sanitized his hands. It was OK as they know how I am...
Crumpet is booked into day care twice this coming week as I have several doctor appointments. During construction she creeps in to where the workers are and then comes bolting out with something in her mouth - usually a face dust mask, a pencil or something. She holds her head up high and runs like the wind. She is just so funny. She knows she is being naughty and that makes it even more appealing to her. She loves to get a 'prize'.

04/10/12  There is absolutely nothing better than waking up with one (or more) of these little gals looking at you. Life does not get better than that - but what is this little male puppy you are getting?

I saw Doug again today (from a distance) - it cuts me up when I see his gang with their little legs going and taking them about their business. They are just a hoot to look at as they are so confident and no nonsense little dogs. I have done some pretty amazing things in my life but nothing compares to seeing Jacks (Puddins) trotting along with a purpose.

04/03/12   There is no better dog than a shortie from Pakajack. On our walk today I was stopped by a professional dog walker - he loved little Crump and said her smile was bigger than her entire head.

Crumpet would love to have a puppy to call her own but I am enjoying having her so much just to myself and she goes to day care several times a week to keep socialized. I often think she would be happier with a playmate but I would rather wait and get one from you. She is so special that I want her all to myself. She is very happy with me and we are inseparable and I turn everything we do into a game but I often wonder if I am enough for her as she loves other dogs. Do you think it is OK to have just the one? I was telling the dog walker that you play with them and touch them incessantly from when they are born to when they leave and that is why they are so well adjusted. I don't think Chrystal does that.

With the remodel going on - and on - the mattress is on the floor in my office at home. Crumpet can easily get on it and keeps all her toys on it - and she has a lot of toys (and knows them all by name - she is so smart I know she could win Jeopardy). I wake up with her pushed up against my back keeping warm and all her toys spread everywhere. It is as close to heaven as you can get.

Crump is as woolly as a Yak right now and is just so cute no one can believe it. I backed out of letting the French use her in the advertising - I don't want her to get into that kind of stuff - she will end like JonBenet!

04/02/12  Crumpet went for her first sail today - she is a natural. She loved it. The sail boat is named Cricket after my last girl so it was a little bitter-sweet but Crump loved it. I haven't sailed it since Cricket left so it was good to get it out of the slip and moving through the water. Crumpet wears her life vest and is just so comfortable - it seems that as long as she is with me she would run through fire. She is always happy.

03/28/12  I received a call from a French magazine. They are here in LA doing a shoot for the next two weeks and saw her in the day care. They wanted to know if they could use Crumpet in the magazine. She is going to a casting tomorrow to see how she gets on with the children they are using. If it goes well she will be used. I will make sure I get you a copy of the magazine. I find out tomorrow which one it is. Could Crumpet be the next cover girl of French Vogue?!

03/19/12  Crumpet is my girl and she is happy being the only one. She has a great life with a perfect balance and I don't think she would want to share me. Besides, if I let her get one dog she would never stop and always want one more! Crump really is the loveliest little dog I have ever known, so bright and always happy. It still amazes me that when I picked her up last August she never squirmed or cried - she just went off with me as happy as a clam; She seemed to know she was home. (either that or she would go with anyone!) She is off to day care tomorrow for two hours to play with her friend "Olive" the Pembroke Corgi......

03/16/12  Crumpet is still very much the star at day care. She is going back next Tuesday to see her pal Olive the Corgi - they are inseparable when they are there together.

03/15/12   Crumpet is coming up on 9 months and is just a dream come true. She was at day care today for an hour while I had an appointment and when I went to get her she was having so much fun I left here there for the rest of the day. I had separation anxiety and was at a loss but she was as happy as a clam and that is all that matters. She is out like a light now.

03/02/12  Crumpet took a swim today by mistake when she got too excited as I was cleaning the pool. The girl is nothing but hair. She is a tiny, tiny little thing with little bird legs and a pin head in comparison to her fluffy state. She has fluffed up to her former glory now (like a marshmallow) and is sound asleep.

03/01/12  Today I ran across a Parson Terrier fresh off the flight from London. He was 8 months old and looked very much like Crumpet except he had long legs and a tail. His hair was the same texture and he was a honey blond like Crump. Like Crump he too was a very happy dog. His owners are a young couple from England - he came here to be an actor and she is here to take care of the husband and the dog. I think it would easier to care for six Jacks than one actor! Anyway - I will see them again as they walk in the same area I take Crumpet so I will try to get a photo. His face is just like Crumpet's. (the dog's and not the actor!) They absolutely loved my little girl.

02/16/12  I am just checking in on the puppies and the mothers. I hope all is well. I am sure Copper is just reveling in this and enjoying every single moment.
The house is being remodeled so I placed Crumpet in day care for 4 hours yesterday. When I picked her up she was so excited to see me she pee'd and then she fell sound asleep - she went out like a light. She absolutely loves day care. There is another Jack there (a rough coat Parson I think as her legs are quite long) - she is only very young but the same coloring. They docked her tail to leave a white tip but the white is so far up that the tail looks too long to be short and too short to be long. She doesn't hold a candle to Crumpet.

02/10/12  just checking on the maternity ward. I hope all is OK and that you are managing to get some rest....we don't need you getting postpartum depression!  I had Crumpet weighed and measured today - she is exactly 10" tall and weighs 12 pounds.

Take it easy and I hope Panda and Copper are doing well - and that Panda gets some opportunity to enjoy being a mother before Copper steals her babies!

02/08/12  I took Crumpet to the beach today - it is about 70 miles north of here and is completely isolated. It is where I used to take the girls. She had a fantastic time chasing birds, digging holes, running like the wind. Afterwards we had a picnic (she ate my lunch too!) and she sat next to me and we watched the waves. The weather was perfect and we had as far as the eye could see all to ourselves. Cricket taught me so much and I am very fortunate to be able to share that with Crumpet.

Crump is just a wonderful little dog - so full of life, always happy, loving and so very smart - with just the right amount of the devil! I am so very, very lucky to have her. She must have come from somewhere else other than just Parker   :-)

02/08/12  My little Crumpet is just too good to be true. Yesterday it was raining but I took her out for a walk in between showers. She is a fluffy little thing but her legs got wet and she has the skinniest little legs you have ever seen. I laughed the entire walk as she was just so damned cute.

02/02/12  I was taking Crumpet to day care this morning so she could have a session with her friends when I saw some guy walking 4 Jacks. I did an illegal u-turn and went up to speak to him. The first thing out of my mouth was "Did you get these Jack's from Connie?" - sure enough, they were Pakajacks! I just knew they were. It turned out to be that guy Doug who has three of your dogs. Poly, Roly and another one. Roly is a beautiful boy. I showed him Crumpet but I don't think he was that convinced she was a Jack.....not a lot of people know of the rough coats.

Crumpet is just the most beautiful dog I have ever seen and she is as happy as she is beautiful. When I got her to day care she was off to see her pals and didn't look back!
01/27/12  I am so excited about Copper's and Panda's litters - it is usually my opening comment when I start a conversation..... Whatever I do or say, don't let me buy one (or more...) - just yet! I am having so much fun with Crumpet right now that it would be too much. I have that soft sided pet carrier bag she goes everywhere in. Her latest trick is to play hide and seek when I need to leave the house - all I do is put the bag at the front door and she runs flat out and gets into it; The girl is not about to miss an adventure for anything.

Every night we share an apple while watching the news and then she gets a brush which she hates but she loves seeing the brush come out so I don't know what that is all about. Each morning we share yogurt and blueberries.....the girl would lick chrome off a bumper she likes her food so much. When I say share I mean I get a bite and she gets the rest.

01/09/12  Crumpet's latest game is to play hide and seek when I am getting ready to take her out. She absolutely loves it and I could swear she is smiling the whole time. She is like a rocket and is all but impossible to catch. I measured her last night and she is just ten inches (on tip toe). I will get some photos this week and send them off. Again Connie - this little girl is just the whole world to me and the nicest and most beautiful little dog I have ever come across. I just know she was meant to be mine. I could never thank you enough for her.

01/03/12 The only water she likes is the water coming out of the hose and that she attacks. She hates getting a bath or getting her feet wet at the beach. Connie, this girl has the best temperament - she is always happy. She has never cried once, not even the day I brought her home. She is just happy and comfortable and loves being with me and going out on adventures. She loves everyone and everything. Every night we sit and watch the news and share an apple - she is just the very best little girl. I can not believe she is mine, I truly can't. Cricket has been gone nearly a year now and honestly my little Crumpet has filled a void I didn't think was possible. Thank you again for breeding such beautiful little dogs - it is not by happenstance she is like the way she is. I can not thank you enough for Crumpet and if I can ever return the favor please know that you need only ask.

12/22/11  Crumpet is absolutely the apple of my eye and has been the best thing for me. I am so fortunate to have her. She is six months old today. She is extremely loving, bright and so much fun; she is still top dog at daycare and by far the favorite dog there.  Everyone simply adores my little Crumpet and she is very socialized and happy; she is the perfect dog. I keep looking under her fur to see if I can find her angle wings! 

Every night we sit up in bed and share an apple and then she curls up and goes to sleep - she is just simply the best little dog. Thanks again Connie for letting me have her - I know she has all the makings of a true champion and would have given beautiful puppies -  I appreciate it so much more that you would let me have her and thank my lucky stars that she is mine.

I hope you and Wamo have a fabulous Christmas and that all the Pakajacks are doing well. I still keep visiting your website to look at them all.

12/12/11  I have been taking Crumpet to the beach lately to run and chase balls - she loves it but is very aware of the water - she doesn't even like wet sand. It is raining here today and she refuses to get out of bed.

12/03/11  it was great seeing you and Linda today. Unfortunately I turned up when things were rather hectic for you so I am sorry about that. I loved seeing the Pakajacks and I could so easily just take every one of them home. (If you ever decide that enough is enough please let me have first right of refusal on all of them!)

I am so glad you got to see your Pakajack Crumpet. She wasn't on her best behavior as she was so excited but she truly is a beautiful little girl and so full of happiness and life. She was a little naughty today chewing my ankles but she was just showing the others she is a rebel..... When she walks she really has a lovely conformation and is very grand. I really think she is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen and is a true champion -  though I may be biased. I simply love her with all my heart. She is scruffy and wild looking but I agree with you and think I should keep her that way.

11/23/11  The patient made it through the night. She got up three times to pee which is good as she is flushing the anesthesia out. She had breakfast and is now playing with her ball; there is no stopping this girl. The scar is tiny and extremely neat - she will be in a bikini for summer.

Have a great day tomorrow, enjoy all your family and make sure you cook enough to feed all the Pakajacks - they love turkey!

11/22/11  The patient is resting - she is quite the baby. She had dinner, a drink and a pee is now sound asleep. I have a feeling/know I will be up all night watching her.

I have attached a copy of her spay certificate as I think I remember that was part of the agreement; I know you trust me but it is just peace of mind for you to know that she will not be out throwing off little Crumpets.

11/22/11  Crumpet is in recovery and did just fine. She is sleeping it off and I will get her in a few hours but all went well.

11/15/11  I will email as soon as I know. I chose Tuesday because both her doctors are on duty that day at the same time and they are the best in the practice. Her main doctor is the chief of surgery and if I ever needed surgery I would want him to operate on me. The attending nurse that day is also very good. I just like to have plenty of qualified hands on deck even though it is quite routine. She will be fine but I will let you know.

11/15/11  Claremont on 12/3-4 will be good. Crump gets spayed next Tuesday (11/22) and I think she will have recovered by then; what do you think?

11/14/11  Crumpet is striving - she is losing her teeth now and most of the baby teeth are out. She has one lower canine that will come out today by the looks of things.  

She had a bath last night - the poor girl, her hair on her head is so fine that when it is wet she looks bald; When it is dry it sticks up like bed head and she has a Phyllis Diller look. After a bath and I dry her, her coat fluffs up like a bishon frise and her tail looks like a pom-pom. She quickly settles back into looking like a Jack. Her coat seems to be getting coarser/thicker as she gets older. She is so beautiful she still stops traffic. I even had one woman ask if she could buy her - not for all the money in the world! When she was a puppy she used to squeak - she still does that when I dry her. She has also developed a bark which is alarming as it is so deep and course - she sounds like a three pack a day smoker and it is difficult to believe the sound comes out of her. There is nothing about her that is not simply perfect and wonderful. She is so beautiful it is just insane.

Once a week she does day-care and she enjoys it very much; I watch her when she first gets put in with the crowd and she walks around deciding who she will be friends with. She is a very bright dog and you can practically see her brain operate. She is extremely social. When I go and pick her up she spots me and runs like the wind to me. She is very affectionate and is developing a fondness for sleeping in. She is learning to play dead and will roll over when I say "bang-bang". She is not 100% consistent with her performance yet but it is as cute as anything when she does it and people's jaws drop open.

I hope all is well with Wamo and the Pakajacks and that Ruffy has her former school-girl figure back. As fluffy as Crumpet is I see a lot of Ruffy in her. She has Ruffy's exact tail and she carries it the same way. Her little tail is perfect!.......I think it is safe to assume that at this point I am going to keep her! :-)

11/03/11  Crumpet did well again at daycare - she is so well adjusted and gets on well with all the other dogs. A boxer was giving her a little trouble but she stood up to him and sorted him out. The staff there absolutely adore Crumpet. When I picked her up today she ran like the wind to come and see me which was very nice. I can not believe how lucky I am to have her. People still take her photo. She has more toys than I have had breakfasts - her latest one is a ball that I put her kibble inside of. She rolls it around and as the kibble falls out she eats it. She likes to be mentally stimulated, she loves watching Animal Planet and for some odd reason she gets really concerned if she hears a baby cry on TV - she seems to have a very strong maternal instinct - not like her mother. She is an absolute treasure and when I see her trotting around in the day care center I all but pop my buttons I am so proud of her.

11/02/11  I spoke with the agility people again last night when we were there for a session and they promised to put the video up immediately. 24 hours later and still nothing. I feel like a fool.

Anyway - Crumpet continues to thrive and she makes my heart sing. She went to the beach today for the first time and she loved it. She goes back to day care tomorrow just to see her friends and to stay socialized with other dogs. She likes it very much there and doesn't even look back when I drop her off......she is the star of the place and the staff simply love her.

I have attached a few photos taken tonight so you can see her progress. She is fluffy and too cute for words. The girl is very bright, sleeps on my pillow and starts every day with a massage and ends every day sharing an apple with me. She gets spayed on 11/21. Her teeth are falling out (usually embedded in my ankles) and she is just a true little Jack.

I hope all is well with you and Wamo and all the Pakajacks. Thanks again Connie for my little girl.

10/25/11  Panda & Meatball will make fantastic puppies.... Stay tuned!

Crumpet did so well today that she has been given "Open Gym" status at the Zoom Room. This is never granted to puppies and the dogs normally need to go through obedience training and full agility training first. She by-passes puppy agility training and further obedience training. This was only Crumpet's second training session! I can now take her there without her trainer being present and we can practice agility until our little hearts are content for $6 instead of the regular trainer present $50/half hour. She is a natural and so happy to do it. I will keep getting her trained in obedience all the same. She likes the mental challenge.

The trainer was so impressed she took a video of Crumpet in her paces to put on their site -  when it is posted I will give you the link. I saw the video and she looks fantastic - she oughtta be in pictures! She is fearless and loves doing the course. She is so little and so full of love. She smiles non stop.

She goes back to day care of Thursday to play with her friends and on Friday we will do the open gym. The girl is wearing me and my car out. I think the video will be up tomorrow on their facebook page but I will let you know either way as soon as it is. You are going to be so proud of her.

I am so pleased that Mary has a new home. She really is a special dog and I know they will love her to death and she will help them with losing their other Jack.

Thank you again Connie for my Crumpet. I love her dearly and she filled a hole in my heart I never thought could be mended. She is a very special little girl.

10/25/11  Crumpet absolutely loved day care. What a beautifully natured little girl. She took control and had the best time of her life with maybe 20 other dogs playing second fiddle. She is confident yet gentle and if another dog gets a little too rough or annoys her she simply sits down until they go away. She is going back on Thursday as she enjoys it so much. (I might have to get another dog to keep me company!) It is off to agility training now and I am sure she will sleep like a log tonight. The girl is an absolute treasure.

I hope you and Wamo are doing well and all the Pakajacks are thriving.

10/21/11   Crumpet had her rabies shot today and she also had a physical. Her Vet is very thorough and Crumpet is a star at the clinic - everyone loves her.
She checked out fine and her weight is 3.9kgs or 8.58 pounds. Does this sound OK for you? She is a stocky little thing like Gunny. She is about 8 inches tall now at the withers. She is such a wonderful little dog, as smart as a whip and very friendly. She goes to daycare next week to stay socialized. She was off leash at the agility course with some other dogs and was a little passive but it was her first time off leash with other dogs. The trainer thought it was OK as she was showing confidence as time went on. Some of the other dogs were a little rough - especially the Corgi. On leash she is very brave.

She had a bath last night and looks like her less hairy siblings when she is wet. She sleeps on my pillow, is house broken and I have slowly weaned her onto mostly dry food. I bought "Orijen" for her which is a human grade ingredients kibble with no grains at all. It is from Canada. It has fresh chicken, turkey and fish with fruits, vegetables and herbs -  she loves it. She is quite a picky eater (other than anything she finds on the ground, whatever I am eating and my sox....) so I am pleased she took to the Orijen.

She lost a few of her lower front teeth yesterday so she is progressing along well.

Are you still planning on going to Claremont in October  (I think you mentioned at some point that it was October) I would love to show her to you but you have to promise not to steal her.

Please say hi to Wamo and thanks again to both of you for breeding such beautiful little Jacks.

10/18/11  Crumpet had her first agility training today - she was a star! She balked at running through the long tunnel but once she got it she was like a rabbit. Everything else was easy for her.

I have attached a photo of her taken yesterday. She is now 17 weeks old. She gets her rabies shot on Friday and is going to day care on Tuesday. She eats like a horse and is a true Jack.

10/07/11 I hope everything is well with you and Wamo. Crumpet is doing well and starts her training with me and her trainer on the 18th. Once she has done that she can start on the agility program. She gets her rabies shot on the 21st and starts day care on the 24th. She is such a beautiful dog - every inch of her is absolutely perfect and I simply love her. The rascal has managed to worm her way into my heart - and she knows it.

I tried to get Crumpet to do a Ruffy pose with the tennis ball - she would not sit still long enough but I think you can see the similarity. (One ear is turned inside out on photo one but it is not normally like that) I have attached a few photos taken today. She had a bath yesterday after she got into the mud - she went straight back into it today. She is pretty waterproof and her coat does not hold water - she is drip dry. What a beautiful little personality she is - she loves everything and everyone and plays with other dogs with no fear or aggression. She brings me so much pleasure I can not begin to tell you.09/30/11   Crumpet was at the Vet today for another DHPP shot. She has finished her course for them. She also got her nails trimmed (she made no fuss). She goes in on Oct 21 for her first rabies shot and then she is done and ready for day care. She will 16 weeks on the 14th but the Vet likes to wait three weeks between vaccinations which I think is good.

She is very healthy and weighed in at 5.3 pounds. It seems that she might be a Petite Basset Griffon Vandeen  :-). Does her weight sound OK to you?

She is such a lovely girl. My old girls hated going to the Vet - Crumpet loves it and wags her tail like it is a party. She likes everyone and everything and is not shy or aggressive at all. You breed a great temperament in your dogs.

09/28/11  She continues to draw crowds and stop traffic when we go for a walk. 

She is full of mischief; if I open the dishwasher in she jumps, if I open the washing machine she waits for me to drop something so she can run off with it, if I open the fridge she is right there in case something might fall out.  She does all these things even from being in a deep sleep. I am sure she sleeps with one eye and ear always open.

I leave her at home regularly and tell her to 'guard the house'. She does not fuss and goes straight to her spot on a low ottoman and guards the house. She even does this if I go down outside to wash the car. What a beautiful nature you breed in your dogs.

On Friday she gets Parvo shot #4. It is hard to believe but she is 14 weeks old today. I fired the gardener because he left a gate open even though I told him about her. She was inside as I never let her out if anyone is on the property but still. Too many dogs are lost because of indifferent gardeners.  I now do the gardening myself - with the assistance of Crumpet who likes to turn everything into a game; A two hour job takes about six hours thanks to my helpful 'assistant'.

In a nutshell Connie thanks again for this special little dog. I simply love her to pieces.

09/25/11  thanks so much. I printed the photo and put in Crumpet's album. Woody is cute - but I have to believe Crumpet is the pick of that litter. She is in my eyes. She is fluffier than Woody but we knew that would be the case. They are very similar however and have such beautiful conformation. There is no mistaking them for litter mates. You must be very proud of how that litter turned out - I think they are simply the best - and I would love to have another five of them! Ruffy's mothering skills may be limited but she produces beautiful puppies!  I look at Crumpet and think she would make a great show dog and mother so I hope you don't feel bad letting her go - I love her to death and thank my lucky stars every day that I have her.

Crumpet has been playing with an old Golden Retriever and a Portuguese Water dog all morning. She really is very good around other dogs. She sleeps on my pillow and rests her chin on my head during the night. She is such a lovely little girl.

09/22/11  I was just sitting here with Crumpet after a full day of exercise, mischief and fun; life does not get any better. Thank you so very much!

With very special thanks and appreciation for this wonderful girl,

09/21/11  I received Crumpet's papers today - thanks so much. I will send them off and get her re-registered. I can not begin to tell you how much happiness she brings me - what a fantastic little dog she is. I won't show her but it is nice to have these docs for her album. Thanks again.

09/14/11  I can not tell you how much joy and love my little Crumpet brings me. "Dogs aren't your whole life but they make your life whole". She is such a pleasure and so full of energy. She is developing a great sense of humor and likes to hide and then jump out at me. If I open the dishwasher she tries to get in to have a look - there is nothing she is not interested in. The girl is certainly not suffering from bulimia - she loves her food.

The first time I went to see you I was floored with the love and attention you gave your dogs and how it was reflected in their behavior and personalities. I will never forget all the Jacks running around, all smiling and all of them happy and content. I just didn't think it was real. I don't warm to too many people Connie but you and Wamo are just good people.

09/13/12  Crumpet turns 12 weeks old tomorrow. Last Friday she had her third set of shots and another physical - she is in perfect form and is simply loved by everyone at the vet's office. She also went to day care to meet the staff and while she was there David Beckham, the soccer star, was picking up his English bulldog 'Coco'. He was royally upstaged by Crumpet.

On Saturday I was walking her along a quiet side street near home, a car pulled up, rolled down the window and the guy who I have never seen before said "Is that Crumpet?" The girl already has a reputation in the neighborhood and is a star!

She brings me so much happiness I can not begin to say. She now sleeps on my pillow and stays there the entire night. Each morning she rounds up her toys and rearranges them at the entrance to her 'house' which is her soft sided airline travel bag she uses as her crate.

I know why she has long hair - it is to hide her devil horns - the girl is a monster...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

09/08/11 Connie - you would have to pry Crumpet from my cold dead hands to get her back.

Actually, I feel quite bad as Crumpet is such a beautiful dog I know she would have been a good asset your breeding program. I am so lucky to have her and a huge thanks for letting her go! I love my dogs any way they come as you know from my little bent, crooked legged, pricked ear Cricket so Crumpet is just too good for me - but she wants to stay!

Yesterday I left her for 2 hours and she was fine. I didn't mean to be gone that long but it was a doctors visit and you know how they are - she is still too young to go to day care until all her shots are finished. I have been doing as you suggested and leaving her alone for gradually extended times. There is no separation anxiety and I cover the clocks so she has no idea how long I have been gone :-)  Actually, I unplugged all the low electrical cords (computer etc) and put them up so she could not get electrocuted.  When I come back I make no fuss and act as if I have not even been gone - I learned this from Victoria Stilwell.

She is such a well adjusted little girl and she has never whined or whimpered once. A great testament to her breeder. She is very happy and I know she knew from the very beginning that she had found her home with me. I am not the best qualified person but if you ever have a buyer who is on the fence and wants a reference please feel free to give them my number.

9/6/2011  My Crumpet has simply stolen my heart. She is a monster and loves to be naughty but she is also very sweet and loving. A lick on the face in the night means she needs to go out to pee; A bite on the ear means it is more urgent. During the day she runs to the back door when she needs to go out.

She is leash trained, sits when told (mostly) and stops and sits before we cross a street. Being so young she gets distracted easily but she gets it.

She had Coho salmon, grated carrots and chopped apples for dinner. I had a can of tuna. She eats her kibble during the day and is as happy as a clam.

She is off to the vet on Friday for Parvo #3 and Bortetella. I simply love my little girl. She goes everywhere with me in her carry-on bag and everyone recognizes her for what she is and all comment on how beautiful she is.

I have attached a few photos taken this evening. I hope all is well with you and Wamo and all the beautiful Pakajacks.

9/1/2011  Just wanted to tell you that my little girl gets more beautiful every day. Thank you for saving her for me - she is a true gift.