Puppy Faqs

Puppies have the following:
  • Tails docked and dewclaws removed
  • pre-paid microchip
  • information on vitimins
  • information on clicker training 
  • vet health visit and shots at 8 weeks with copy of receipt to new owner
  • blanket with scents of litter mates and mother
  • Pure Balance dog food (about 1 pound)

We feed Pure Balance Chicken and Rice that we get from Walmart, but our suggestion is that you use any food that does not have corn, soy or byproducts. We feed adult food to our puppies as puppy food tends to make them grow too fast.  
Charlee Bear Liver flavored dog treats are a favorite of my dogs.
I love these for our puppies
In order to responding quickly and spend more time with our dogs, I have composed this standard response, that I hope answers most questions about our puppies.
Here are our FAQs for the puppies we will have available now or in the future:
Link to parent and puppy pictures: http://www.pakajackrussells.com/RussellTerrierPuppies.html
Our puppies have had their tails docked and dew claws removed before 5 days old. They are wormed every three weeks, micro chipped at 7 weeks, given a vet check and shot at 8 weeks, just before they go home. 
They are kept up to date on vaccinations. They are handled daily and are raised in our home office so they get a lot of attention. Many of them like to watch TV. We also play a special cd of noises (such as thunder, fireworks and children squealing) so that our puppies become accustomed to sounds and are not easily frightened.
Puppies must be within a few days of 8 weeks old before they can go to their new homes. It is very important to their development that they stay with their mother during this critical time. 

Our pricing is $____ for pets not to be bred. This price is for a puppy that you must spay or neuter. Full registration is an additional $500.  There is a spay/neuter contract and health guarantee, which you can see at this link. http://www.pakajackrussells.com/PuppyContract.html We do not guarantee conformation faults on pet puppies such as ears that stand up or feet that turn out as these are common within the breed. We ask that your puppy have "PakaJack" as the first word of their registered name and that you call us 24 hours after you get home with the puppy to let us know how everything is going. We also ask that you contact us as often as possible as the pup grows
up to let us know how big they got and how they are doing. We count on our puppies parents to give us feedback so we know how our breeding program is progressing and what we can expect by breeding the parents again. Your feedback is very important.

I have added a puppy application that asks for information at this page. We accept PayPal which allows you to use credit cards securely, (there is a link at the bottom right of the puppy application). We will accept a check if it can be cleared before delivery of the puppy. We do not accept money orders or Western Union . We ask for a deposit of $200 that goes toward the purchase price and cash at delivery. If you have not put a deposit down, you do not have a reservation on a puppy.This is on a first come first serve basis on approved homes. 
Your deposit may be refunded if the female does not have any puppies or you wanted a male and there were only females (or you wanted a female and there were only males). There needs to be a good reason for returning the deposit. If someone wanted breeding stock, then the cost of the puppy would be considerably higher with approval of the persons reasons for breeding. All of our puppies are micro-chipped, have had at least one shot and have a health guarantee. We are interested and available for questions about the puppies we sell. We love to receive pictures and comments on how our babies are doing. Feedback is an important part of our breeding program. If for any reason you do not want or can not take care of your PakaJack, we will take them back and find a home for them.  Sorry we do not refund their adoption costs. 

In 1988, we moved to our current location in Parker AZ. We are on the California/Arizona border and are about 4 hours from the Los Angeles area, 3 1/2 hours to Las Vegas , 5 hours to San Diego and 3 hours to Phoenix . Southern California sales may be delivered or we can meet half way with the buyer paying for the gas we use both directions, and rarely but possible, lodging for long distances. We may ship by air within the USA, cost for an eight week old puppy is $375 (includes crate, vet certificate, and our travel costs).  
We only breed short Russell Terriers and have no other kind of dog. We are specialists in the little ones with excellent temperaments. :) We have carefully selected our breeding stock from the best bloodlines we could find and we show them to prove their temperament and conformation. We study pedigrees, health test, and breed to improve the Short Jack Russells. It is not common to find duel registered (AKC and UKC) old fashioned shorties.
Why do we show dogs? Show dogs have to behave around other dogs and be handled by strangers (the judge) and show dogs must be of a correct size and look like good representatives of their breed. Most people do not want a show dog, but what they do want is a puppy that will develop into a dog that has a good temperament, can be handled and looks like what you see on the website.
I hope I have answered most questions.. 
Connie & Wamo Mathewson
West AZ PakaJacks & PakaJack Russells
(928) 916-0854 Connie's cell
(480) 390-0793 Wamo's cell