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We got our first Russell Terrier, Short Stop Meatball, in May 2004 from the Short Stop Kennel.  Short Stop has one of the oldest and most reputable lines available.  We were so delighted with Meatball that we went back in August and got another, Short Stop GunsNRoses, Gunny for short.  (Our breeder had warned us that they are like potato chips).  Then in March 2005 we got Patchy, from Jana in Arkansas.  In July 2005 we couldn't resist adding Teeball to our lot.  

Russell Terriers, formally known as English or Irish Jack Russells are now known as Russell Terriers by the AKC and UKC.  Our Russells are smart, funny and a total joy.  Russells play games with each other like “Guard the Toy”.  It’s played by the guard dog placing a toy several feet away then waiting for another dog to be attracted to the toy.  When the second dog attempts to take the toy, the guard dog attacks by pouncing and growling.  This is just one of many games that they play.  We laugh every day at their antics and can’t imagine life without Russell terriers.

If you have enjoyed big dogs and your lifestyle is more appropriate for a small dog, then a Russell Terrier may be an option.  They are active and are like a  big dog in a small package.  They are great company and very intelligent.  They want to be with you and participate in your life.  The Russell is not a dog you can stick in the back yard and ignore.  They would probably get bored and get into trouble by digging or tearing up something, so Russell  Terriers are not for everyone.  

Russell Terriers are best treated as you would a two or three year old child.  They need a safe area to be in when alone. We suggest a crate.  Crates are not cruel, dogs like them because it is a safe, quiet place of their own.  Kind of like people like their own room.  However, not even people want to be shut up in their room all day, so there should be play time and time to be with people and time to be loved and talked to.  You should use consistent words they can learn.  Some of the best words are sit, stay, down, enough, and off.  Dogs and children like routine.  Russell Terriers are very smart and sensitive.  (Don't laugh when you are trying to punish them, even when it is soooo cute).  Harsh words are usually punishment  enough.  After they get in trouble and the punishment is over (remember that they have short attention spans and punishment should be immediate and over quickly), we always tell them it's ok and that we still love them.  

We believe that everyone should research different breeds and make sure that a dog of any kind fits your lifestyle.   Call us for more information on the Russell Terrier.

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