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    Connie  cell 928-916-0854  We are so full of love for our babies and are proud to be producing fantastic temperaments. We spend time with them and  give them the individual attention they deserve.   You don't have to keep the names we call them. Sorry no international shipping.  We are  friendly and questions are welcome. 

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This week they are into everything!  Today is, Sunday May 31, 2009, they are 6 1/2 weeks old.  They are still nursing every now and then, but mostly they are eating dry food mixed with a little wet food and a little water.   Flash is eating less now and she gave me the chore of cleaning up after them.  Thanks Flash. They run and play and make messes.  They are just adorable.  I take them out of the pen and they follow me out to their play area.  They are very good babies. The next week and a half, they begin to learn to not to bite so hard.  It is very important that they learn to play nicely.  
This weekhas been very quiet for the babies.  Today, Sunday April 26, 2009, they are 10 days old and have doubled their birth weight.  Their eyes won't begin to open for another 4 or 5 days and most of the time they just sleep or eat.  They gain around an ounce a day at this age.  Their toenails were getting long and so today I trimmed their nails and took their pictures.  They squirm but can't put up much of a fight.  Flash is happy I trimmed the nails. LOL  The pictures aren't much different from last time, but they will change alot when their eyes open.  Hopefully I can get time to do pictures next week.  I have lots going on but I will try. 
This week they are getting a little more lively.  Today, Sunday May 03, 2009, they are 17 days old.  They are very well fed, Flash is a great Mom.  Their eyes started opening on Wednesday and Thursday last week at 13 and 14 days old.  Now they are starting to move around some and wiggle more.  Their toenails were getting long again and so I will trim them tomorrow.  They squirm even better but still can't put up much of a fight.  Flash is eating 4 times her normal amount of food.  It is a challenge to keep her fed!  Flash also is not sleeping with them as much and doesn't clean them as much either.  We will probably have to change the bedding daily or every other day soon.   They are pretty much able to relieve themselves on their own now. 
Blog on Flash & Meatball Puppies born 4/16/09
11/29/09  The IC and Meatball puppies are now 5 days old and they are growing by leaps and bounds!  We switched to raw food just before IC became pregnant and it has really shown up in the health of these puppies and their mom.  Tails and dew claws were done at 1 1/2 days old.  Their cords healed and fell off by 2 days old and now at 5 days old; they have almost doubled their weight.  They are very active and can move all around the whelping box.  They also stay warmer when they move away from mom or the heating pad.  Very healthy puppies.  
12/07/09 The IC and Meatball puppies are now 13 days old and they are still growing, as they should!  They are just opening their eyes.  They get all around their box but are not standing as of yet.  Their just starting to hold their heads up.  They are rather fat as IC produces a whole lot of milk.  
Today, our Flash and Tee puppies are 2 days old.  They are very striking with their white having the black spots.  They are getting around a bit and are very well fed.  They will have their toes and tails done tomorrow.
Freckles - mother of Chopper
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Herc - son of Meatball and Patchy
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