Last week we brought home a little female Russell Terrier, Pakajack Poppy. She is the healthiest, cutest, smartest puppy ever! We had to drive 4 hours to pick her up and it was totally worth it. Connie and Wamo gave us her paperwork, as well as some extra puppy food, toys and tons of advice. They are taking such a good care of their dogs. They are just the perfect breeders to go to if you are looking for a healthy, happy and smart puppy, and we therefore highly recommend them. They have also been beyond great at quickly answering all the questions we’ve had so far. We hope Connie & Wamo will continue to bring to other families the same joy we have been experiencing with our little Poppy! Thank you very much Connie & Wamo!

From Pascale & Roman
hello, Rollie, petie and I are just checking in on Petie pollie, we are so anxious to have her here with us...................... Rollie has charmed everyone he meets, oh connie, thank you so very much, this little dog gives me the greatest pleasure, such a personality, such a little bad guy, he does a "gutteral sound " just before he turns to attach, i laugh so hard, tonight i turned on a Mr. Microphone to sing and he freaked out, he is just the charm of my life and bosco loves to lick his face before we all bed down at night, THANK YOU THANK YOU... I drive with him in my lap and he loves to look out the window, oh, i love this little dog.. then ranger scared me telling me a hawk would scoop down and pick him up, so I carry him until he gets used to a lease, 
 if you have any news or picks on Petie pollie please send , we cannot wait to have her here. love doug

This is from Doug, who bought Rollie from us and was waiting for Pollie (a female) to go with his two boys.  
Pollie waiting to go home to Doug, Rollie & Bosco
Pollie waiting to go home to Doug, Rollie & Bosco
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Rollie & Pollie
Rollie & Pollie

Rollie & Pollie
And then Doug got Mollie.  They are like potato chips!!
We wanted to share with you Little Ms. Amber's personality.

She is still not very tall, measures a whole whopping 7 inches tall.  She is good as gold and full of personality.  At night while I cook dinner, you'll find her sitting proudly in Dad's lap, night after night.

Last night she found a baby lizard somewhere in the house.  Brought it into the living room and set it on the floor to show you what she found, then rolled on it, over and over again as if she wanted to make sure you saw what she had. 

She plays in the yard with her two sisters, if not with one, with both at the same time.  She has no fear of anything larger then she is.  You will usually find her and her two little sisters all playing with the same stuffed bear...........only Amber will be the one that sneaks in between their legs and grabs the bear right out from underneath them and off she goes.   You can often find her atop the patio picnic table, how she gets up there no one knows but she's smart enough to know she can't get down - she'll whimper and cry or bark for you to come to the window to see where she is at, and for you to get her down.

She carries her big Blue Heeler sister's food bowl to the door for you, and sets it at your feet.  Sometimes she'll sit in it, or curl up and sleep in it just outside the door.  Then when she comes in the house she'll often in playing run into the kitchen and grab her food bowl and bring it to you on the couch.  Not that she wants food, but just wants to show you that she knows her food bowl and can pick it out of the (3) little ones on the kitchen floor.

After her last run outside for the night, you'll find her when she comes in - looking for her mom as she wants up in the robe all curled up with you while you watch the evening news and she'll fall sound asleep.  She still sleeps at night in her airline kennel beside the bed with her little pink stuffed puppy she came with.   And while camping she and both of her two little sisters each have their airline kennels stacked atop of each other in a corner in the bathroom of the living quarter horse trailer where they sleep at night while camping.  Of course Ms. Amber when she wakes up at 5:00am in the morning to go outside, comes into and under the sheets in the bed while camping from that point on until its time to get up.  Oh, and yes, she's in her Harley Davidson hoodie jacket that she wares when she is camping.

Yes, she is full of personality.........and has her own little routine.  Its her house, and we are just the lucky ones who get to live there with her.

We love her to death in case you can't tell.

Best to you always,

David and Linda
Hi Connie & Wamo,
What a small world! Just had to share this with you. We are rving at Lake Tahoe. Bob had come back from walking the dogs and said their was a young couple up the way from us who had a 4 mo old Jack and he was so cute! We took a walk up there with our girls so I could see him. As we talked we found out they got him from YOU! I am not good with remembering names but they live in Monrovia, CA and had a 10 hr old Jack that they had to put down. They were very impressed with both of you and after seeing both of ours, said maybe they needed to get another one! He was from Herc's litter and looked alot like Jacquie's Elvis. They love him to death!
Thought you would enjoy this!
Love, Jenny