Dear New Puppy Owner: 

     Your Puppy is described as follows:  
     Kennel Name:   PakaJack ?????
     Whelped:                        September , 20??
     Sex:         male
     Parents:          UKC GRCH                                   
      Coat type and color:  Smooth White, Black & Tan 
      Home Again Microchip #        _________

Thank you for choosing a PakaJack Russell of West AZ.  When you purchase a PakaJack puppy, you and we the breeder, agree to certain factors, by receiving your PakaJack puppy you have agreed to the following criteria: 

Remember these are guidelines, you should always consult your veterinarian for your puppy’s health care.


This puppy has had a vet check and shots given at approximately 8 weeks old.  Per the manufacturer's instructions, it is recommended that your puppy be given 3 sets of shots, at least 3 weeks apart. Then one booster annually. Rabies can be given at 4 months and should be given by the age of 6 months.  This puppy should be taken to the vet for a checkup and his/her next shot on                    ,____________.

We feed as much dry food as they want and twice a day mix in some canned food.  The dry food should not include corn or soy as one of the first ingredients.  Do not feed your puppy, chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins or a lot of garlic.  You should also look up other household poisons (see enclosed list).  A good quality food can be found at a local pet store.    


Put the food up by early to mid evening.   Your puppy depending on the age, more than likely has not been fully potty trained.  He/she has been accustomed to sleeping in a puppy pen with siblings and then waking and soiling on puppy litter or an artificial grass pad.  As a general rule of thumb, a puppy can hold its bladder for one hour per month-of-age plus one.  In other words, a two-month-old puppy can hold its bladder and bowels for 3 hours, a three-month-old for 4 hours, and a five-month-old for 6 hours.  Most puppies cannot be fully housebroken before they are 6 months old!  Consistency and routine are key!

Praise! Praise! Praise the puppy!  Using the same word consistently is a good way to help them understand what you want from them.  

It is important to know when your puppy will have to go to the bathroom.  

     Put them where you want them to go:  
     Right after waking up
     After a few moments of excited play
     After eating
     After drinking
     A few hours after the last time

Go out with your puppy and make sure he potties.  If you do not go out with him/her, he might just sit by the door and wait for you to come back.  Then he comes in the house and has to go, so he goes on the floor or rug.  I always walk out with young pups, that way it is easy to praise them when they go.  They get the idea much quicker in this manner.  My neighbors probably think we are crazy standing outside saying good potty, good potty.  It also works when they get a little older and forget that they are outside to go potty not play.  Much like a little child when they are learning potty training.  They get outside playing, and then you call them in, and gee, they still had to go and can not tell you. 

Please remember that your new puppy has been accustomed to sleeping with a pile of other puppies.  Your puppy has been in a confined exercise pen and may still be scared in his/her new environment, especially alone.  Please be patient and place the puppy in his/her area right away to show them where they will be sleeping.  Maybe give them a treat, or dog approved stuffed animal or toy. 
The first week or so your puppy may cry during the night or while you are away.  Remember that if you pick the puppy up and put the puppy in your bed that your puppy will expect this.  It’s not always a bad thing – we love to sleep with them.  

Do not teach your puppy to cry!  Reward your puppy by picking it up when he/she is NOT crying.  Wait until he/she stops or pauses crying and then pick it up!  Never ever call your dog and then punish it.  They should always be praised for coming to you.  If you feel you must punish, do not call them, go get them.  Punishment should be very mild as these dogs are very sensitive.  A stern "NO" will usually suffice.  Clicker training is the very best training as it rewards good behavior.  Positive training works much faster too.


Be very careful with Russell Terriers and pools or ponds.  They have very short legs and some of them do not always swim well.  Yet most love the water.  Our dog Meatball loves to dive in and swim, but if another dog knocks into him he can get in trouble in a hurry.  So around water he wears a life jacket.  Many Russells have drowned, more than you can believe.  Be VERY careful of any water that is deeper than the height of their back.  


FYI:  You own a Short Jack Russell Terrier, also known as AKC Russell Terrier, “shorty”, not a Parsons.  The difference, the Parson Russell Terrier is a leggier-taller dog between the heights of 12-16 inches and has a squarer silhouette.  The Russell is a slightly longer than tall Russell between the heights of 10-12 inches, has more bone and usually slightly more muscle.  This breed is not a “puddin”. While usually a term of endearment, puddins are often referred to dogs that are dwarfed and this is a medical condition. Some puppies develop prick ears and front legs that are not straight and these traits are undesirable; however, they are at present somewhat common in the breed and not a medical condition.

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     The sellers:
     Connie & W.A. Mathewson –Pakajack Russells of West AZ 
     P.O. Box 634 Parker, AZ  85344 (928) 669-9647 or Cell: (480) 390-0793  
     E-mail: or

P.O. Box 634 Parker, AZ  85344  (928) 916-0854

The puppy described as follows:     
Kennel Name:         PakaJack Russell____________________

Coat type and color:     

PakaJack of West AZ is selling this puppy as a:

Pet quality puppy. This puppy is being purchased for pet purposes only with limited registration and is not to be used for breeding or anything other than a family pet.  Full registration will be an extra $500/  Buyer agrees to spay/neuter this puppy at approximately 8-11 months old. Buyer agrees to use PakaJack as the first word in the puppies registered name. Registration late fees (charged after 6 months old) are the buyer's responsibility.  Buyer agrees to offer puppy back to PakaJack if puppy is no longer wanted for any reason.  

Upon purchase of this puppy, for the amount of $                to be paid in full before delivery of puppy, I (the buyer) agree to assume all financial responsibility, including vaccinations, illnesses, and any other reasonable veterinary costs.  All delivery costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

I further agree to safely contain this dog, meaning to protect it from traffic and other dangers to the best of my ability. I agree to provide adequate food, water and shelter at all times. (These dogs should sleep in the house). If this dog is found to be criminally neglected by animal control, such as being denied adequate food, water, shelter or total lack of human companionship or used to breed puppies for pet shops or laboratories, PakaJack - West AZ or their representatives may take back the puppy/adult dog. This would only apply in extreme conditions and law enforcement would be involved. No refund will be given.

`Puppy Guarantee:
·Puppy is guaranteed healthy and has not, knowingly, been exposed to any contagious diseases. Pet quality puppies are not guaranteed as to their ear set, bite or conformation.

·If the puppy shows any sign of illness, including loss of appetite, overly quiet or fatigued, runny stools or vomiting; PakaJack must be notified and puppy must be taken to the vet.  If there is anything wrong within the first 72 hours, we will exchange the puppy.  PakaJack is not responsible for veterinarian cost, shipping, or other costs. Should you decide to keep your puppy and it needs veterinarian care, a letter from your veterinarian will be needed stating the puppy had the illness upon arrival.  We must okay any treatment expenses when your vet contacts us and we may not cover veterinary bills.  We will not cover medical expenses over $500.  PakaJack - West AZ cannot guarantee against allergies, as there are so many different causes for them.

·Is guaranteed (by replacement of puppy), free of debilitating genetic diseases for 2 years.  A notification from your veterinarian within 14 days of condition, diagnosis, including prognosis is required with microchip identification verified on the paperwork and a second opinion may be requested. 2 additional years is quaranteed if owner is on our NuVet Plus program.  Ask for Details.

·Should this puppy die, within the first 2 years, the body needs to be taken to a veterinarian for a necropsy (animal autopsy).  Only upon results of genetic defect, stated as a cause of death on a necropsy report, with microchip identification verified on the paperwork, shall result in a puppy being replaced. Necropsy will be paid for by PakaJack ONLY if death is indeed a result of genetic defect.  

·PakaJack - West AZ also guarantees this puppy to have a sound mind and stable temperament.  We highly recommend puppy & adult training classes to bring out the best in this dog.  If you feel there are issues about the puppy’s temperament, we will work with you to try to resolve the issue.  We need to be kept informed of all behavioral issues.  We will not be responsible for issues resulting from abuse, lack of training or inconsistency, as we have no control over these.  

PakaJack will take the puppy to our vet at 8 weeks old and get their puppy shot and health exam.  The buyer must follow through with all other vaccinations and exams recommended by a licensed veterinarian or all said guarantees would become void. Copy of Veterinarian Health Certificate must be sent to PakaJack. Under most circumstances concerning our warranty, we do not cover shipping costs.

Should any of the above issues occur, PakaJack - West AZ will normally offer one of the following remedies:

·Return the puppy or adult dog, the seller, PakaJack - West AZ, will replace the puppy with one of like kind and same or similar           breeding. 

·If the buyer chooses to keep the dog then half of the original purchase price will be refunded. 

·If the dog/puppy dies or is determined most humane to be euthanized, due to the severity or unreasonable cost of care, of the            genetic condition the puppy will be replaced with one of like kind and similar breeding (Necropsy required). 

PakaJack - West AZ must be notified of any problem within 5 days of the veterinary diagnosis. A written statement from the veterinarian must accompany or shortly (within 2 weeks) follow this notice. The microchip number must be on the written statement. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide this. Without proper notification, the above options cannot be granted.

I also understand that I am putting this puppy at risk of contracting contagious diseases (Parvo, etc.) by taking it out in public places before receiving the full series of vaccinations (usually finished by 16 weeks old).

If for any reason, I can no longer keep this dog, I agree to contact West AZ, who will either take the dog back or help to place it in a new home (at the dog owner’s discretion). Age of the dog does not matter, however compensation will not be given for an older puppy or adult dog.  I agree to keep West AZ updated on any changes of address. 

I have read and understand this contract and I am in agreement.

Buyer  _________________________________________________________Date_______________


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Email address______________________________________________________________________

The sellers:
Connie & W.A. Mathewson – Pakajack Russells 
P.O. Box 634 Parker, AZ  85344 Cell: (480) 390-0793 
Web: or 


PakaJack Russells 
Puppy Contract
Just Say Awwwwwww :)

We need to know some things about the home in which we are placing our baby.  

Please read the example of our puppy contract below.
Your email address and phone number so we may contact you.
Where are you located? City, State
Do you have a fenced yard? If not how will you exercise the puppy?
We are concerned with drowning as these dogs do not always swim well? Is there a fence or other protection from water dangers?
What do you expect your Jack Russell to be like?  Any other comments?  Was there a particular puppy you currently like?
How did you find us?
What are the ages of the children in the household?  
Who is responsible for feeding and cleaning up after this puppy?  
Please select desired color, coat and sex of puppy.  
Does everyone in the family agree about getting a Jack and know that they are active and sometimes too smart? 
Have you had dogs before and does any family member have allergies? 
What other pets do you have? Age, sex and breed?  
Where will the puppy spend time alone and for how long?  
Where will the puppy sleep?  Are you aware that these dogs do best living mostly indoors? If you do not own your home - is a dog ok with your property manager?
Do you have any thoughts on breeding this puppy?Puppy will be an extra $500 for breeding rights